Visit Washington, D.C.

The Government Affairs team would love to see you and say hello when you're in town! We've had Transamerica employees watch July 4th fireworks from our building, connected them with their hometown Representatives' offices, and arranged for top notch U.S. Capitol tours. Let us do the same for you!

Check out the lists below of some of the Government Affairs team's favorite sites!

The Smithsonian Museums are the most well-known, and for good reason! 20 of the museums are in Washington, and another one is just outside of the city near Dulles Airport in Virginia. 

Annie Webb's Favorite: The Archives of American Art has the Presidential Portrait Exhibit. Annie says that it's interesting to see the different ways our Presidents have chosen to be painted.

Pro Tip: Most of the museums open at 10am, but the large tour groups often don't show up until close to 11am, so plan to arrive at open and get the place to yourself for a while! 

There are countless federal buildings to see, including the Capitol, Supreme Court, and the Library of Congress.  All of these buildings have areas that are open to the public.

Maurice Perkins' Favorite: The Thomas Jefferson Building, part of the Library of Congress' complex. Free guided tours are available, and both the history and architecture are stunning.

There are endless options for tours in the city: walking, bus, Segway, bikes, etc. Be sure to choose the mode of transportation that best fits your schedule. Check out what specific tours you may want to do before your trip, as some sites require prior ticketing or have strict rules about what you can bring in your purse or backpack. The National Parks Service has information for parks, hours, historic sites, and more.

Pro Tip: If you can stay up late enough, consider checking out a night tour of the Monuments. You won't regret it!

Getting Around
Take a little bit of time to check out Metro before your trip. Once you're in the city, it can come in handy. Taxis are also a good option, and of course there are the ride-sharing options like Uber and Lyft. Parking in the city can be expensive and come with short time limits, so consider leaving the car at the hotel until it is time to head home.